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Some of our benefits include

Free Legal Information
Credit Check Discounts
Appliance Discount Replacement Program
Forms and Leases
Canadian Apartment Investment Conference
September 10
FRPO Fall Social
September 10
Chicago Housing Tour
September 17 - 18
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We help Landlords across the Province. Join Now!

FRPO's lobbying efforts are just one reason to join. Our members also enjoy access to a wide range of additional benefits and services. FRPO continues to look for new programs that will add value for our members. We are pleased to offer our members a variety of programs including credit checks, natural gas program, discounts on appliances and so much more.


Achievement Awards Program - FRPO MAC Awards
“Celebrating the best in the biz”. Every year FRPO members celebrate businesses and individuals who are leaders in the residential rental market. Awards include; Outstanding Community Service, Rental Development of the Year, Curb Appeal, Leasing Professional, Resident Manager of the Year and Suite Renovations to name a few. Next year our industry could be celebrating your success!

Appliance Discount Replacement Program
FRPO has developed a low-cost appliance purchase program for all members. Our exclusive supplier, Midnorthern Appliance provide exceptional service and discounts on appliances across the province. The purpose of this program is to replace and dispose of old inefficient appliances; provide FRPO members with exceptional savings when purchasing new appliances; allow members to realize measurable cost savings from new energy efficient appliances; and, visibly demonstrate industry leadership in energy conservation. This program has helped our members replace over 12,000 old refrigerators with new energy efficient models.

Building Maintenance Discount Programs
FRPO has negotiated bulk purchase discount programs with Dulux Paints and RONA on behalf of our membership. Members enjoy discount and rebate programs while purchasing paint, wallpaper, hardware, flooring, window coverings, and many more products associated with renovating or maintaining your rental property.

Credit Reports and Rental History for Housing Providers
Membership with FRPO gives you the benefits of no annual fee and up to 75% in discounts on RentCheck services. Powerful tenancy history database of millions and millions of records. Serving residential and commercial rental providers, both large and small. RentCheck offers effective and affordable screening tools including; RentBureau reports on Tenancy History, Full Spectrum Credit Reports (through Equifax and TransUnion); Commercial Credit Reports; Criminal Reports, as well as new screening apps for ipads, tablets & smartphones. Visit or contact for more information.

FE Magazine and Bulletins
FRPO is always updating the membership on current issues in the rental market and on the lobbying efforts of the organization through a regular magazine, FE (Fair Exchange). Technical Bulletins are also used to notify the membership. These bulletins explain legislative, regulatory and legal issues relevant to the daily operation of rental properties. This provides an easy route for our members to keep up with our changing industry.

Free Legal Information
All FRPO members are automatically entitled to our free legal information program. This program is designed for members with a specific question or problem regarding landlord and tenant issues.

Insurance Discount Programs
FRPO provides all members with the opportunity to save on property insurance with our recommended insurance brokers, Marsh Canada. We are also launching a tenant insurance program to help your tenants secure better rates through our group program for FRPO member companies. Marketing materials are available to landlords free of charge.

Legal and Business Forms
All FRPO members have the opportunity to purchase over 30 Operational forms including Multi-Residential Tenancy Agreements and Application forms. FRPO has partnered with other industry associations to retain the law firm Cohen Highly to prepare a lease that is in accordance with the new Residential Tenancy Act. FRPO also provides a Multi-Residential Standard Privacy Policy Kit specifically designed for the property manager or owner. In addition, we also have prepared an AODA kit that includes a policy for rental-housing providers. All forms are available for instant download on our website.

Membership Directory
All FRPO members are supplied with a Membership Directory each year. This allows our members to keep in touch as well as review the services of our Associate and Corporate members. This is an excellent way for our Supplier members to advertise within our industry.

Natural Gas Program
As a benefit to our members, FRPO established a direct purchase program in 1990. From an initial annual volume of just over 20 million cubic metres of gas, the FRPO program today contracts for approximately 85 million cubic metres. FRPO members participate in the program in every region of the province and within the franchise territory of all utilities. The program continues to achieve its two main objectives by keeping prices low and stabilizing costs. Over the past seventeen years, FRPO gas plan members have earned several million dollars in savings from this program.

Our organization provides an excellent opportunity to share property management tips with others in the industry at various events and committees.

Seminars and Information Sessions
FRPO offers various seminar and webinars for our members. Topics include RTA related issues, leasing practices, management advice, operating methods, market updates and much more. Information sessions give our members an opportunity to see the latest products, services and trends in the industry. Members are provided an exclusive member discount on these educational events.

Special Advertising Offers
FRPO is pleased to partner with several advertising companies to provide our members with discounts and special offers exclusively for FRPO. We currently have offers with, Find-A-Rental and Renters Classified.

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