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Demolition and Conversion of Rental Housing Properties

June 2013
Out With the Old, In With the New: Considerations when replacing rental housing units with new condominium developments
By: Eric C. Laxton, BA, JD
As apartment buildings age, the cost to repair and maintain becomes greater. Allowing demolition and conversion of old rental buildings can revitalize aging neighbourhoods, and often has positive economic effects as well as improvements in quality of life for residents.

November 2007
Municipal Control Over Residential Rental Properties
By: Tom Halinski & Aaron Collins
This paper argues that restrictions on conversion and demolition of rental housing actually constitutes a significant deterrent to investment in rental housing, and in addition fail to acknowledge the cost-benefit analysis of whether capital investment in a building which has reached the end of its life-cycle makes sense.

October 2005
Conversions And Demolitions Policies in Ontario: Myths and Realities
This paper attempts to address the myths and false premises that are used to support inappropriate regulation in the area of conversions and demolitions.

October 2005
Municipal Conversions & Demolitions Policies: Misinformed and Counterproductive
FRPO Press Release
Conversion of ownership housing into rental far outweigh any losses from conversions out of rental or demolitions of rental.

October 1990
Landlords as Economic Prisoners of War
By: W.T. Stanbury (University of British Columbia) & J.T. Todd (Econalysis Consulting)
This paper chronicles and explains attempts in Ontario to control the demolition and conversion of rental buildings.

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