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April 12 2015
Ontario's Rent Rules - Where's the Sense?
By: Mike Chopowick
Maybe if we want to see more affordable rental housing built, it might make sense for the province to make more sense of its rent rules.

March 12 2015
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions is Good. Carbon Pricing is Not.
By: Mike Chopowick
A debate is underway in Ontario about imposing carbon pricing. It will have huge implications for rental housing...and the environment.

February 24 2015
The Kids are All Right: The Myth of Youth Unemployment
By: Mike Chopowick
There are good reasons why the youth unemployment rate is higher than for older adults, and fews of these reasons have anything to do with economic policy.

February 06 2015
What Condo Bubble?
By: Mike Chopowick
While condo construction is increasing, total new housing supply is declining in the face of many signs pointing to strong demand.

January 28 2015
Inclusionary Zoning: A Plan for Higher Home Prices
By: Mike Chopowick
Inclusionary zoning actually worsens housing affordability for most buyers and tenants by forcing them to pay higher prices to subsidize any below-market units.

January 05 2015
New York's Rent Stabilization Rules Set to Expire
by: Mike Chopowick
In 2015, we'll see a rekindled debate in New York about whether apartment rents should be price controlled, as the city’s rent stabilization rules approach their June 15th expiry date. Is this a good opportunity to phase-out New York’s post-war rent control laws?

November 26 2014
Tenant Damage Deposits in Ontario: Now is the Right Time
By: Mike Chopowick
Protecting rental housing quality by allowing refundable damage deposits, like most other Canadian provinces do, is a fair, simple, and effective way of discouraging vandalism and negligent damage to apartments. It is time for Ontario to catch up.

November 07 2014
House Prices Are Rising, But What Does This Really Mean?
By: Mike Chopowick
All we need to know about the outlook for rental housing vacancy and rents we can learn by looking at house prices.

October 02 2014
Some Loopholes Ain't So Loopy
By: Mike Chopowick
The Post-1991 rent control exemption is one of the only reasons we are now seeing a resurgence in new apartment construction.

September 25 2014
Why Chicago Keeps Renting
By: Mike Chopowick
In Chicago the equation is simple: Less Rent Control = More & Better Rental Housing. Read how FRPO members saw this for themselves.

August 14 2014
A Fix for Ontario's Old Apartment Buildings
By: Mike Chopowick
Above Guideline Increase (AGI) applications are a vital tool to help landlords repair old rental buildings, but they are also rare, with only 296 AGI applications by landlords in 2013, out of the over 15,000 multi-unit apartment buildings across Ontario.

August 01 2014
"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future"
By: Mike Chopowick
Michael J. Fox can teach you a thing or two about bouncing back from a setback.

July 02 2014
It's Becoming Easier to Find an Apartment
By: Mike Chopowick
Despite indications of increased rental demand, supply is keeping far.

June 08 2014
A New Era for Ontario Set to Begin
By Mike Chopowick
Whoever wins the election will have to give Ontario some tough medicine.

May 23 2014
Advice to Ontario: Vancouver's idea to build more rental housing
By: Mike Chopowick
Private sector landlords across Ontario invest $1.8 billion/year to construct new rental housing units, resulting in over 56,000 new private sector rental homes built from 2007 to 2012. Vancouver has an idea than can help Ontario boost new rental supply even further.

May 16 2014
Total Debt
By: Mike Chopowick
Those interested in social justice and helping society's most vulnerable should support debt reduction

May 07 2014
Dead as a Doornail
By: Mike Chopowick
Bill 82 officially died today…and you should be happy about that.

April 30 2014
Landlords soaked by tenants’ unpaid water bills
By: Mike Chopowick
Forcing landlords to pay for their tenants' unpaid water utility bills makes about as much sense as requiring them to eat their tenants' TV, internet and gym membership fees. You can thank Ontario's flawed Municipal Act for this blooper.

April 02 2014
How Cities Rip-Off Renters
By: Mike Chopowick
In other provinces, tenants are taxed fairly, but in Ontario tenants are charged property tax rates that are 2 to 3 times higher than home or condo owners.

March 25 2014
A Job Well Done
By: Mike Chopowick
A simple message of thanks to Housing Minister Linda Jeffrey, who served from February 2013 to March 2014.

January 30 2014
Lessons for Ontario from Boca Raton
By: Mike Chopowick
Developers are willing to build more rental housing, but it won't be affordable as long as governments don't halt the runaway train of development charges and NIMBY-related legal costs.

January 13 2014
Canadian Hustle
By: Mike Chopowick
The contribution by rental housing of $18.3 billion in GDP, 147,000 full time jobs, and $7 billion in annual taxes was not accomplished because of any government support – it was achieved despite the lack of it.

January 07 2014
Rent Control's Race to the Bottom
By Mike Chopowick
The end of 1970's inflation also saw the end of wage and price controls and the Anti-Inflation Board. So, why is Ontario still clinging to rent control?

December 11 2013
Jean Chretien's View of Leadership
By: Mike Chopowick
Who would have expected the son of a sawmill worker and the 18th of 19 children to rule Canada as Prime Minister for over 10 years?

December 04 2013
The New Mayor of Toronto
By: Mike Chopowick
Toronto's Deputy Mayor has recently taken on new powers, effectively making him the leader of Canada's largest city. Here's what we can expect from him.

November 22 2013
"Radical Feminists house Runaway Wives"
By: Mike Chopowick
Unbelievably, that was a newspaper headline when Interval House opened its doors as a shelter for victims of domestic violence in 1973. We've come a long way since then.

For Rent: The Dream of Homeownership

Is buying a home the best way to become financially secure? When you crunch the numbers, a tenant can often become wealthier than a homeowner. Here's how.


Add comment November 18 2013 Mike Chopowick

A License to Bill

If I told you that many tenants in Ontario are facing another $400/year tax for the privilege of renting, would you agree that it’s wrong?  Yet, this is exactly what is happening in Ontario right now.


Add comment November 10 2013 Mike Chopowick

Can You Put a Price on Saving a Human Life?

Based on the combination of reduction in risk to life and the high cost, mandatory sprinklers are one of the most ineffective ways of reducing preventable fire fatalities.


Add comment November 05 2013 Mike Chopowick

The End of Coal Energy in Ontario is a Hollow Victory

The closure of Ontario's last coal power plants might be considered a victory for the environment, until you realize that the world is moving in the opposite direction.


Add comment October 30 2013 Mike Chopowick

Access to Justice Takes Another Hit

     The implications of the Chiarelli decision are obvious to anyone in the industry - the cost of being in the business will go up.


Add comment April 30 2013

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