2018 Certified Rental Building Member Company of the Year UNDER 15 Buildings Enrolled

This award recognizes a residential rental company, property manager and/or owner who best demonstrates commitment to the Certified Rental Building (“CRB”) program’s values – “ongoing commitment to quality of apartment living”; “ongoing commitment to quality service”; and, “working with residents to create greener apartment communities.” Entries will be judged on a demonstrated commitment to achieving and/or exceeding the CRB Standards of Practice (SOP), engagement of staff, and creating CRB resident awareness. Submissions should include examples of best practices in each of the following categories of the CRB Standards of Practice – Human Resources, Resident Management, Operations Management, and Environmental Operations.

NOMINATION DEADLINE: Monday, October 1st, 2018 12:00pm Noon

You may view the 2018 submission package here: MAC AWARDS

Please Note: All submissions must be submitted in PDF format. Any photos included in your PDF, must also be submitted as individual files. All criteria listed on this form must be included in your presentation. Please follow the guidelines below and review the Eligibility and Entry Requirements before submitting your nomination.

The following Information MUST be included on the first page of your PDF submission:

  1. Award applying for
  2. Company Name
  3. Company Address
  4. Name of Contact Person
  5. Phone Number
  6. E-Mail Address

The following questions must be answered in your submission. Winners and nominees will be determined based on this information.

  1. # of CRB approved properties and number of units?
  2. What is your customer “quality” service vision or mission statement? Demonstrate how the CRB values and SOPs are an integral part of your company’s culture, day-to-day operations, and your quality commitment to staff & residents.
  3. Provide examples of actions taken (initiatives, programs or activities) demonstrating your organization’s best practices as they relate to one “selected” standard in each of the following CRB SOP categories – Human Resources, Resident Management, Operations Management and Environmental Operations (focus on frontline employee & resident involvement).
  4. Describe how your residents benefit from living in a Certified Rental Building.
  5. Describe how your team and organization have benefited from being part of the Certified Rental Building program.
  6. Describe your efforts to raise staff and resident awareness of living and working in a Certified Rental Building.
  7. What communication/management tools, training or processes are used to maintain awareness of the CRB program?

In Addition: Please include a minimum of 6 photos as well as testimonials and any other relevant information in your submission. Please note this award must focus on all of your CRB enrolled buildings.


For more information, please contact:
Ted Whitehead twhitehead@frpo.org
416.385.1100 Ext 27

Please review Eligibility and Entry Requirements prior to submitting your nomination. Thank you.

The information provided is what will be used should your submission be short-listed.
Please ensure all information is correct.