2019 MAC Awards Submissions

We are pleased to introduce changes to this year’s submission process in an effort to streamline applications and the judging process. Please review the requirements carefully before submitting your nominations. If you have any questions, please contact Lynzi Michal at lmichal@frpo.org or 416.385.1100 extension 22.

Changes for 2019

We are no longer accepting PDF submissions. All submissions must be completed directly through the online portal in the provided form fields specific to each award category. More information is provided below about this process. In addition, each organization will be limited to a maximum of two submissions per category. If you have more than one submission in the same category, you must apply and upload them individually. We have also added one new category highlighting company culture excellence.

Important Information About the Submission Process

The award submission portal will open a minimum of two weeks prior to the deadline and all submissions must be uploaded via the portal. All submissions must be received by Monday, September 30th at 12pm noon. Late submissions will not be accepted. Members will be notified by email as soon as the submission portal has opened. The FRPO MAC Awards are open to organizations of all sizes. The judging panels will narrow the field to three finalists with the winner being announced at the Awards Gala being held on December 5th. Finalists will be notified ahead of time.

All nominations must be FRPO members in good standing. Any nominated buildings must be managed or owned by your organization at the time of submission. FRPO reserves the right to cancel any categories with an insufficient number of entries. In order to streamline the length of submissions, each required answer has a maximum word count, please refer to individual questions for limits. You are not required to use the maximum word count. If your answer exceeds the maximum word count, you will not be able to upload your submission. We suggest creating your submissions in a document that you can easily copy and paste your answers into the provided form fields.

All application questions should be answered clearly, concisely and with enough detail to adequately define your nomination. Extremely long or extremely short submissions are always more difficult to judge. Hyperlinks are not permitted unless otherwise noted (eg. website address). Judges will disregard any hyperlinks that are included in any other fields. You will be able to upload your supplemental photo files in the order you wish the judges to view them. It is very important that each photo is clearly labeled for the judges.

In addition, you must include high resolution versions of your company logo with each award category that you apply for. High quality, well shot photographs are encouraged. Side by side before and after shots will show a clear picture of the work that has been completed. For all renovation categories, before and after photos are a requirement of your submission. Poor quality photos may hinder your submission and not adequately display the improvements to the judging panel. Please use similar before and after photos for greater impact. You may even consider adding text to your photos to assist the judging panel in assessing your application. The photos and logos that you submit must be high resolution to display on large screens at the Awards Gala.

Finally, please keep in mind that the company name that you list on your application, is what will be displayed at the Gala should you be a finalist or winner. Good luck to all nominees.


If your files are too large, your submission will not upload

The maximum number of files that you may upload is 100.  You may upload multiple files at once. If you miss a file, please use the ‘choose file’ option to upload additional files. No file may be more than 128mbs. You may have to compress your PDF presentation so that it is less than 128mbs. If one or more of your files is over 128mbs, your nomination will not be uploaded and you will receive an error message. Please ensure you have submitted ALL required supplemental files and photos to support your entry.  These will be used for the AV presentation at the awards gala should you be a finalist. Thank you.


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