Ontario’s Rental Housing Industry Supports Portable Housing Benefit; Seeks Partnership and Consultation for a Balanced Approach to Framework and What Comes Next

Toronto (March 15, 2016) The Federation of Rental Housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO) welcomes the invitation from the Ontario government to join them at the table as a partner in improving rental housing affordability and availability across the province. The private sector rental housing industry looks forward to the opportunity to share the benefit of… Read More

Media Resource: Questions & Answers – Housing For Refugees

(December 23, 2015) Are you saying the law prevents housing providers to rent to refugees? We’re pointing out that renting a house or apartment in Ontario is a complex transaction in a heavily regulated environment. It was not created for, and is not well-equipped to, facilitate the fast, mass resettlement of an unprecedented quantity of… Read More

Statement: Syrian Refugee Update – Housing Needs

(December 22, 2015) The Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO) represents more than 2,200 members who own or manage more than 350,000 households in every area of Ontario. We well understand the housing needs, costs and capacities in the communities that we build and manage. Our members are a diverse group – from those with… Read More

2015 FRPO MAC Award Winners

December 4, 2015 (Toronto) Ontario’s top landlords and property managers were once again recognized for achievement at this year’s FRPO MAC Awards Gala. Over 960 industry colleagues gathered on December 3, 2015, to recognize excellence in the rental housing industry. Please join us in congratulating the following award recipients:   Rental Housing Lifetime Achievement Award… Read More

Refugee Settlement: Helpful Links

  Find Your Member of Parliament Your local MP will have helpful information on refugee settlement and support programs. You can find your federal MP here. Immigration and Citizenship Canada This website has helpful information on the refugee system, sponsorship, and services available to refugees in Canada.   Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Earlier this… Read More

Q’s & A’s: Refugee Tenancy Applications

Disclaimer:  This posting is for information only, and should not be used as legal advice. Please retain the services of a licensed legal professional to obtain advice specific to your situation.   Q. As a landlord, is there a special process for administering rental applications from refugees? No, there is not. Rental applications from refugees should be… Read More

Assessing Refugee Tenancy Applications

Disclaimer:  This article is for information only, and should not be used as legal advice. Please retain the services of a licensed legal professional to obtain legal advice specific to your situation. There has been widespread news coverage of the Canadian Government’s commitment to settle 25,000 refugees from war-torn Syria. It is likely that many of… Read More

FRPO exploring ways to assist government in Syrian refugee commitment

(November 20, 2015) As the largest association in Ontario representing those who own, build, and finance rental properties, the Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO) well understands the housing needs, costs and capacities in the communities that we build across the province. Our members, like many Ontarians and indeed, Canadians, are currently seeking to… Read More

Inclusionary Zoning: A Plan for Higher Home Prices

(November 10, 2015) In the policy debate on improving housing affordability, one idea often discussed is “inclusionary zoning”. It’s little wonder. Inclusionary zoning is a nice sounding idea that offers a simplistic cure to any housing crisis. Unfortunately, inclusionary zoning’s effect is the exact opposite to its intended goal, resulting in higher housing prices and… Read More

Want More Affordable Housing?

Tell governments to stop making it so expensive By Mike Chopowick, November 4, 2015   On Monday I appeared before the Ontario Standing Committee on Social Policy to deliver FRPO’s recommendations on Bill 73, the Smart Growth for Our Communities Act. This committee was reviewing important amendments to how development charges are imposed on new… Read More

Who will win the Election? It all hangs in the “balance”

By Mike Chopowick, October 18, 2015. 7:13pm   If you’re reading this, it’s likely too late. The polls for the Canada’s 42nd federal election open in about 14 hours. It will all be over in about 24 hours. Who will win? The ruling Conservatives? Or their Liberal challengers? If you are concerned about the future… Read More

Ontario’s Rent Rules: Where’s the Sense?

If the province made more sense of its rent rules, we’d see more rental housing built By Mike Chopowick, October 28, 2015 At over 350 pages, Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act and its regulations is the most complicated landlord-tenant law in North America. Within this law are an excessively complicated set of rules on price regulation that would… Read More

The Rent is Too Damn High (and city taxes are to blame)

One year after last year’s municipal election, tenants still bilked by $1,000/year in unfair taxes By Mike Chopowick, October 15, 2015   Exactly a year ago, we heard many municipal candidates campaign for “lower rent”, “affordable housing” and “protecting tenants”. This is what you didn’t hear: Cities actually cause higher rents for tenants. Many city… Read More

I Thought the Sheriff (would be here by now)

By Mike Chopowick, October 5, 2015 (@mchopowick)   Imagine if you phoned the police for help to enforce the law. Now, imagine if the police said, “We’ll be there in eleven days…maybe longer if we’re busy”. This is what landlords in Ontario experience when they seek the required services of the Sheriff to enforce simple… Read More