Benefits of Joining FRPO

The Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO) is the largest association in Ontario representing those who own, manage, build and finance residential rental properties and their industry partners. FRPO works on behalf of members to promote a balanced and healthy housing market with a vital rental-housing industry.

Over 2,200 professionals who own or manage more than 350,000 rental homes in every part of Ontario are members of FRPO, as are our industry partners, including service providers, suppliers and industry consultants. Whether you manage one small building or a single rental unit, or are part of the province’s largest property management firms, FRPO will help you. Owners and investors recognize that belonging to FRPO is one of the smartest investments they can make for their business. In addition to advocating on behalf of the industry, we offer our members many valuable programs to save on your bottom line, keep you informed and assist in your daily operations.

Exclusive member benefits include:

Free Legal Information
Our members are entitled to unlimited free legal information on landlord and tenant matters related to the Landlord Tenant Board and the Residential Tenancies Act. Answers to questions are typically provided within 3 business days and our information service is available Monday – Friday during regular business hours.

Please note that this service is intended to answer questions about the Landlord and Tenant Board process, Residential Tenancy Act forms, do’s and don’ts for tenant screening, recourse for lease violations, and other questions directly relating to the Residential Tenancies Act.  Examples of typical questions include things like: Can I stipulate a no-pet policy in my lease? What is my recourse if a tenant damages the unit after their tenancy has ended? What can I do about a vehicle in the parking lot that has not been registered with the property management office?

This service is designed to provide members with legal information of a generalized nature related to rental housing tenancies, and does not constitute legal advice.  FRPO is unable to provide members with specific instructions on how to proceed on a tenancy manner as that would be considered legal advice, and would be in contravention of the rules set by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Credit Check Discounts
FRPO members can save up to 77% on a variety of reports available from Rent Check Credit Bureau.  RentCheck (established 1976) is an industry leader in applicant qualification tools, with a powerful multi-million-record tenancy history database. Serving residential and commercial rental businesses of all sizes, RentCheck offers effective and affordable screening, search, and risk-assessment tools including: Full Spectrum Consumer and Business Commercial Credit Reports (in English or French, through Equifax and TransUnion); Criminal Record Checks; Bankruptcy prediction; Identity Fraud alerts and more … as well as screening apps for mobile devices; like Smartphones, Tablets, etc. … to engage new tenants on-the-go.

Midnorthern Appliance Replacement Program
FRPO has an exclusive appliance program in place with Midnorthern Appliance and delivery is available across Ontario. Replacing and disposing of old inefficient appliances? Need to add new ones? Want to lead the industry in energy conservation? All members can access FRPO’s low-cost appliance purchase program for outstanding savings. Our exclusive supplier, Midnorthern Appliance, provides exceptional service and discounts to members across the province. To date, this program has helped members replace over 12,000 old refrigerators with new energy efficient models.

Certified Rental Building Program
FRPO members have the opportunity to enroll their properties in North America’s first accreditation program for multi-family communities. Find out more: CRB Program Info Sheet or visit

Forms and Leases
FRPO members can purchase over 30 operational forms at a discount including Multi-Residential Tenancy Agreements, Application forms, maintenance forms, suite inspections and many more. We partnered with other industry associations to retain the law firm Cohen Highley LLP to prepare a lease that is in accordance with the new Residential Tenancy Act. FRPO also provides a Multi-Residential Standard Privacy Policy Kit specifically designed for the property manager or owner. In addition, we also have prepared an AODA kit that includes a policy for rental-housing providers. All forms are available for instant download by clicking here. Please note, members must log in to their accounts in order to access the member discount.

FE – FRPO’s ‘Fair Exchange‘ of Rental Industry News and Email Bulletins
All members receive FE Magazine containing current rental housing industry news as well as timely bulletins to keep you up to date!

Natural Gas and Electricity Programs
FRPO has partnered with ECNG to provide our members with valuable natural gas and electricity discount programs on 1 & 3 year terms, plus a mix of fixed and floating rates within the term of the contract. For more info on the Natural Gas Program, please click here. For more info on the Hydro Program, please click here.

Advertising Discounts
Our members can take advantage of various discounts on advertising with Find-A-Rental, and Happy renting!

Paint Program
Dulux Paints offers our members discounted paint pricing to help keep your units and properties looking their best.

Educational Events
All FRPO members receive discounted pricing for our seminars and webinars throughout the year including our very popular Residential Tenancies Act Seminar Series.

Networking Opportunities
FRPO holds several networking events per year including the Spring and Fall Social as well as our Annual General Meeting. In addition, we also host an annual golf tournament each summer and the MAC Awards Gala in December. These member only events are the perfect place to meet and greet with others working in the rental housing space. There are also opportunities to sponsor events such as these.

ASSOCIUM Advantage Program
We’ve added another benefit to your FRPO membership. FPRO has negotiated, on your behalf, access to a group buying program called ASSOCIUM Advantage. This program will save you money on your operating and administrative costs including HR, office equipment, couriers, payroll, Employee Assistance Plan, insurance and much more.  We should know – FRPO is a member too! To find out more about these valuable services, please click here.

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All membership applications are subject to committee approval. Approvals are done on a monthly basis and you will be notified upon sucessful application. If you have any questions, please contact We would love to tell you more about why FRPO is a great fit for your business.

What Our Members say:

“The Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario is not a luxury; it is a necessity. FRPO has saved the industry countless dollars since 1985, and we gladly supported them in good economic times and bad.”
Fred Dobbin, Park Property Management Inc., Toronto, ON

“This is my first year I have been a member with FRPO, and it’s the best thing I ever did! I want others to know about FRPO as it has helped me tremendously! I find there have been times when I am working through a certain issue in property management, and the next thing I know, FRPO is holding an educational seminar on the same subject. I find FRPO keeps up with the current issues involved in property management and passes that knowledge on to their members.”
Sharon Crowe, Sunkist Homes Inc.

“As a member supplier of FRPO since our launch in 2010, we have found tremendous success and introductions to member Landlords that has helped’s growth in all aspects of our services.”
Chaim Rivlin,

“The FRPO Appliance Replacement Program prices are amazing. I am probably one of FRPO smallest members (5 apts plus my own place), but I count over 30 appliances. The savings in the long run will pay for my FRPO membership many times over.”
AJO, Toronto – Hamilton Landlord

“Every landlord should support FRPO as a matter of course – for his own good and the good of the industry. And the benefit programs make it painless. Last year we paid $3,514 in fees to FRPO – and earned $25,810 on their gas plan!”
Clark McDaniel, Williams & McDaniel, Guelph, ON

“I don’t know how any individual landlord survives without belonging to FRPO. The information they provide is absolutely essential to running my business.”
Steve Manders, Harrowsmith, Kingston, ON