FRPO President elected as Co-Chair of the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations (CFAA)

(June 14, 2016) CFAA elects new corporate officers

At the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations’s Annual General Meeting, the following officers were elected:

    Scott Andison, FRPO, as Co-Chair

    David Hutniak, LandlordBC, as Co-Chair

    Erin Cleveland, Killam REIT, as Treasurer

    Jay Gaudreau, Manufactured Home Park Owners Alliance of BC, as Chair of the Membership, Finance and Fundraising Committee

Daryl Chong, CEO of the Greater Toronto Apartment Association, remains the Chair of the Government Relations and Communications Committee.

CFAA represents the owners and managers of close to one million rental units from coast to coast across Canada, through 11 apartment associations and direct landlord memberships.

CFAA and our members believe that a healthy rental market contributes greatly to Canada’s national well-being and economic prosperity. We believe that the policies we advocate will benefit landlords, tenants and taxpayers.

Rental development

For close to four decades very little purpose-built rental development has taken place, especially when compared to the rate of growth of population and households. Now, some new purpose-built rental development is taking place in markets such as Halifax, Ottawa, London, Winnipeg, Regina and Calgary. However, more purpose-built rental units are still needed in Toronto, Vancouver and other areas, and rental development is very slow compared with population growth.

Newly elected CFAA Co-Chair David Hutniak (who is also CEO of LandlordBC) says, “We are glad the City of Vancouver is making rental development somewhat more attractive through density bonusing under the Rental 100 program. However, more needs to be done to make private rental development worthwhile.”

Scott Andison is the CEO of the Federation of Rental- housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO), and the other newly-elected CFAA Co-Chair. He says, “What is clear is that the government policies of the past have not helped to create more rental housing and choice for tenants – in fact it has done the opposite. When governments stimulate private investment with stable, affording housing policies, more rental housing gets built, and tenants have more choices of affordable homes. Simply put—More rental housing means more affordable housing.”

CFAA President John Dickie adds, “What is really needed to produce ample rental development is the rollback of some of the tax increases that governments have applied to rental housing over the last four decades, so that government policy is more even-handed between ownership and rental tenure.”

For more information contact,

John Dickie at 613-235-0101

Scott Andison at 416-385-1100 x20

David Hutniak at 604-733-9440 x202

The Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations represents the owners and managers of close to one million residential rental suites in Canada, through direct membership and 11 associations across Canada. CFAA is the sole national organization representing the interests of Canada’s $480 billion private rental housing industry, which houses more than eight million Canadians.


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