Human Rights

The links below provide information on human rights as it relates to rental housing and access to affordable housing in Ontario.

April 2011
Submission to the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Consultation on Mental Health
Human rights and mental illness issues are far-reaching, and also effect places of employment, access to services, and include the general need for total acceptance and tolerance in all aspects of society. This report recommends measures to raise awareness of mental illness issues in housing and help avoid instances of discrimination.
November 2009
Policy and Guidelines on Disability & Duty to Accommodate
Ontario Human Rights Commission
There are several new features in this Policy and Guidelines, which replaces the 1989 Guidelines. These Guidelines establish how persons with disabilities in Ontario have the right to equal treatment, which includes the right to accessible workplaces, public transit, health services, restaurants, shops and housing.
August 2007
Human Rights and Rental Housing
This submission emphasizes the need to balance the rights and responsibilities of housing providers, people seeking protection under the Human Rights Code and all other residential tenants. The rights of all residential tenants to be free from interference with safe and reasonable enjoyment of their homes, and the rights of housing providers to use legitimate business practices and to earn a living, must not be secondary to those who allege barriers to housing access.
August 2005
Improving Access to Housing for Families in Ontario
This paper outlines areas where access to suitable, adequate and affordable housing can be improved in Ontario, including easing or eliminating harmful rent controls.
September 1998
Ontario Regulation 290/98
Human Rights Code
Business practices permissable to landlords in selecting prospetive tenants for residential accommodation in Ontario.

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