Landlord Tenant Board

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February 2011
Jusice Denied: Ontario’s Broken Rent Dispute Process
This report catalogues the numerous problems that plague Ontario’s rent dispute process. The findings are quite simple. The rent dispute process in Ontario is excessively long, and is unjust to landlords.The report makes recommendations as to how Ontario’ss process could be modernized, primarily by reducing the unnecessary delays in the system, making it fairer for both landlords and tenants.
January 2007
Information for New Tenants
By: Landlord Tenant Board
Landlords must provide this information to new tenants on or before the date the tenancy begins.
February 2003
Unfairness in the Regulation of Ontario’s Rental Housing Industry
This report identifies the negative impact of government housing policy, regulations and rent controls that have virtually eliminated the supply of new rental housing in Ontario, caused large financial losses for landlords and led to increased costs for taxpayers and tenants.